How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Not Recognized By PC Issue

It seems that some people complain about the fact that Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is not recognized by their PCs. This is a well-known issue and everybody is trying to find the solution.

We’re here to tell you how to fix this problem.

Reboot your computer

If you could do this before without problems, then this might just be a temporary problem. Before getting into a complicated deal of troubleshooting process, you need to restart your computer so it could reload all of the drivers and programs.

So you need first to disconnect your phone from the computer, then turn off your computer for 2 minutes. Turn on your computer and wait until it gets active. Use the original data cable to connect your phone to your PC.

Connect it to another USB port

If everything worked just fine before, then the issue might happen because of a faulty USB port. The best way to deal with this is to connect the phone to another port. It is good to try all the USB ports from your PC, to see if the problem lies with the port. If your phone still does not get recognized by PC, you might need to reinstall the drivers.

Install Samsung drivers

There are two ways in which you could do this. For the first one, you need to download and install Smart Switch, which will make your life easier when it comes to transferring data from one device to another device. It has all the necessary drivers for all the devices that come from Samsung.

The second one is to download and install the drivers manually. After you do install them, check to see if your phone is detected and recognized.

Maybe the cable is broken

If you also have a laptop, try to connect your phone to is by using the same cable. If the phone gets detected and recognized by it, then the problem is with your PC. In this case, you need to re-install the operating system. If your phone does not get recognized by other computers, then you might want to use another USB cable. It might not hurt also to check the charger port, to see if there isn’t something that’s blocking the connectors. You may even try to see if your phone gets charged or not with that cable. If the phone does not get charged, then the problem is with your cable.

If your device does not get charged when you use a different cable, then the problem is probably with the charger port. If that’s the case, you need to bring it to the store or to the shop, so a professional can take a look at it.

But, if your phone gets detected but you cannot see the files on your PC, then you need to unlock your device and connect it to your computer. It will ask you if you allow your computer to access your files or not – you need to allow it.

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