UC Browser Version Everything You Need to Know

UC Browser is the best one you can get right now. It gives you an incredible IPL experience for cricket matches. You can also follow all of your favorite teams. You can predict the winner and then win bonus points. It also comes with many other cricket features, such as live scores, gifs and inside stories. Also, let’s not forget about news, updates, and alerts. You can search and download all kind of videos.

What are the main features of the UC Browser?

This browser comes with many stickers that you could share with your friends. The web experience is always upgraded. You will also get small window mode, data saving, and fast download. It supports ad-block and night mode.


There’s a new page full of stickers just for you. Many popular stickers are present for you to share with your friends.

The browsing experience

The latest version uses a self-developed U4 engine, that takes care of the 20% of the improvement in web connection, in the video watching experience and personal information security. It also takes care of stability, the standard support, and the storage management.

The small window mode

This one allows you to move the video window outside the site and placed on the screen top. At the same time, you can chat with your friends, and do pretty much anything you’d usually do, without the video being interrupted.
data saving

this browser compresses data and speeds us the navigation, thing that helps you in saving a lot of the cellular data traffic.

Fast downloads

Its servers stabilize the downloads. So if there’s an interruption happening, the UC Browser will download from the breakpoint. It also accelerates the downloading process, so it sure saves you a lot of money.

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