watchOS 5.2 Update Launched With Extended ECG App Availability And AirPods 2 Support

Apple has released the new watchOS 5.2 update, the fifth minor update for the latest version of the software which powers Apple Watch devices. The prior update, 5.1.3, fixed several fixed bugs. The new watchOS 5.2 comes with extended ECG App availability and AirPods 2 support.

Users can update to the latest version by using the dedicated Apple Watch app which is pre-load on the recent iPhones and mandatory if you wish to unlock the full potential of the accessory. Merely go to General/Software Update to start the process. Keep in mind that you should charge the device if the battery is below 50% or the update process won’t begin. You can connect the watch to a charger to continue.

watchOS 5.2 update comes with extended ECG App availability

The new watchOS 5.2 update boosts the availability of the ECG App to Honk Kong and nineteen European countries among which we can count France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, and Spain. The countries where the function has been unlocked will also gain access to irregular heart rhythm notifications. This function will allow the watch the send a notification if it detects irregular activities.
While the ECG was introduced with a previous update, the feature was limited to the US, Guam, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

The Apple Watch Series 4 can record a single-lead electrocardiogram by using built-in electrodes which are placed within the sapphire crystal of the Apple Watch and the Digital Crown. These electrodes can detect the electrical impulses which are emitted during the heartbeat and send the data to a processor which will convert it into readable information for the algorithms used by Apple.
You can record an ECG by initiating the test and placing a finger on the Digital Crown. Keep your finger on the Digital Crown for 30 seconds and the reading should be recorded. Apple will automatically provide an ECG reading which can be viewed and shared with a third-party, including your doctor.

Apple also added AirPods 2 support to watchOS 5.2

If the results are standard, the watch will display a message which says that a regular sinus rhythm was detected. In the case of issues, the message will note that atrial fibrillation has been identified. The update also adds support for AirPods 2.

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