Apple AirPods Second-Generation: Are They Any Different from the First-Gen of AirPods?

It seems that people love AirPods more and more. We see people everywhere with them.

What are the differences between Apple AirPods 1 and AirPods 2?

The battery life for talk time is longer. The “Hey Siri” voice controls are now improved, and the switch between the Apple devices is better. They also come with an optional wireless charging case.

However, the sound came with no quality improvements. For the wireless charging case, you’ll have to pay an extra $40. And for music, there’s no battery life improvement. The price of them is $159. $199 with the wireless charging case.

AirPods 2 are worth every penny. They are the best earbuds you can get if you have an Apple device. If you don’t feel like paying that much money, you can replace them with Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, but you should know that they’re not as good as those from Apple.

They have the same look

They look exactly the same as the first-gen of AirPods. There’s still one color in which you can get them: white. There were some rumors that said that they would also release them in black, but that’s not happening. They’re made of the same glossy plastic. This means they’re still as slippery as before.

They also fit the same. So if you had problems with the first-gen, you’d also have problems with the second-gen. This also means that they look the same in your ears – you know, like a toothbrush.

The standard charging case is still the same – the dental floss case is here again. It has the same LED on the inside and the same pairing button on the back. On the bottom you’ll find the well-known lightning charging port as well.

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