Borderlands 3 Release Date To be Revealed On April 3rd

You have got to love a great PAX panel, especially after you get to see the new Borderlands 3 gameplay trailer from Gearbox. But the news is much better when the description of the trailer reveals that more details about the game will be revealed on April 3, 2019. And we are not done with the announcements!

Subtle Clues and the Official Announcement

A fan on Reddit (u/Zottelpanda) saw two sets of numbers hidden in the trailer (in the photos above) that could point to the release date of the game. His theory is that Borderlands 3 might be launched on October 1, 2019.

The two numbers appear in the trailer at 1:40 and 1:52, each containing two digits: 01 and 10. This could mean it’s either October 1 or January 10, depending on the date format. However, considering that October 2019 is the tenth anniversary of the first Borderlands, it makes sense to be released during that period. Moreover, October 1 would be on a Tuesday, which is usually a day when many games are released, argued Richard Scott-Jones on PCGamesN.

Gearbox is known to hide a lot of clues in their teaser trailers, which makes the theory even more convincing.

Speculation and theories aside, there is also the official announcement from the Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford on Twitter, saying that the official release date will be revealed on April 3:

As soon as Gearbox reveals the release date, we will share the news with you. We will soon see if Zottelpanda was right about the October release date. Check back here for more news, and get ready for April 3! Are you hyped? We know we are!

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