iPhone 11 Leaked Schematics Revealed A Significant Design Change

The latest generation of iPhone smartphones was released six months ago, but loyal fans are already looking forward to the upcoming devices. Apple is already hard at work on the iPhone 11 (or XI), and the internet is filled with countless rumors which target the anticipated device. New iPhone 11 leaked schematics revealed that the next iPhone would use a triple camera setup, a move which would please a large number of owners who hope to shoot better pictures.

The change could be significant, but a new leak suggests that it could arrive with a refreshing design change which could be quite controversial in the long run.

A reliable source claims that the square camera could make an appearance on the rear of the future device. While this would be an unusual choice, the same source claims that the classic square layout of 2×2 could be dropped in favor of a triangle setup for the cameras, with the flash being placed between two of the sensors.

iPhone 11 could launch with a significant design change

The new design could be justified by the fact that such an arrangement would simplify the installation of the setup since there will be more space for select components. Some users could be disappointed by this choice, but it is likely that the trade-off will be fair if they will be able to take impressive pictures.

Other sources claim that the device will retain the favorite glass panel and the same button pattern which was introduced with the iPhone XS. It is likely that at least one of the three iPhones (Apple plans to keep the triumvirate for a while, and the budget version should be released at the same time as its bigger brothers) will feature the anticipated triple camera setup.

An interesting rumor notes that Apple wanted to add a laser-powered camera to the iPhone 11 Max, but the feature has been delayed due to technical issues. It remains to be seen if any of the rumors will make the jump to reality in the future. The next generation of iPhone devices will be unveiled in September 2019.

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