[UPDATE] Clash of Clans April Update Live Today – Patch Notes

The Latest Updates:

  • The game is working fine, except for a few known bugs and issues that can be checked on the Clash of Clans Forum. (updated at 2 p.m. US Time)
  • It seems there are a few issues coming with this update, announced Clash of Clans on their Twitter page (updated at 7 a.m. US Time):

1. We should have a maintenance break within the hour to deploy a couple of fixes that will allow us to start the April season of Clan War Leagues! Sorry for the inconvenience – hang in there, War Chiefs!

2. We’re aware that the Events tab is currently empty and CWL timer is missing – we’re looking into it!

3. “The update is now LIVE – Season Challenges are here!”


Get ready for the April update which will go live today. The maintenance has already started about half an hour earlier and will soon end. What will we get to see in Clash of Clans today? Let’s check out the patch notes released by the dev team on their blog.

According to the Clash of Clans Twitter post from nearly half an hour ago, we should see the update roll out today, but it will “still take a bit longer.”

But before we take a look at the patch notes, did you notice this photo spotted by Billionaire 365 on the CoC Twitter page? It’s the new loading screen that will come with the update!


Here are the great things that are coming to Clash of Clans this month.

  • Season challenges are introduced

You can win a Hero Skin every month if you finish the Season Challenges with the Gold Pass. The first exclusive skin is the Gladiator Barbarian King skin!

  • Bigger Wars and Top Scores

We’ll get a 30v30 for Bronze III up to Master I leagues.

Rewards for War League have been restructured,

The Leaderboard for Champion I has been added in the game.

  • In-game economy changes

Building time upgrade shorter, cheaper costs and we also have cheaper Troop & Spell Training Costs.

  • New levels and balance changes

Archer Tower and Cannon get the level 17, Witch gets lvl 5, Hog Rider lvl 9, Ice Golem lvl 5 – Laboratory Level 10 is needed.

Giant Canon and Battle Machine got rebalanced.

  • Quality of life improvements

When a player logs into the game, the X-Bows, Inferno Towers, and Eagle Artillery will reload automatically, for free.

Magic Items inventory buttom moved to Town Hall.

A few more changes have been added to Clans regarding Clan leadership inactivity and deleting donated troops.

You can check out more details about the patch notes on the official Clash of Clans blog.

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