Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Would Launch This Week In South Korea

The first 5G-capable smartphone’s launch is about to underway with the 5G era of wireless connectivity, but that is not really bad news. It depends on the way you look at this piece of information. The release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has been announced by the tech giant, and it will take place on April 5th in its home country – South Korea.

The internal storage of the base model is 256GB, and its price is set to be 1.39 million Won (approximately 1634.30 CAD). Later this year the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will make its way to North America. It will first launch in June on Verizon.

According to Samsung, the 5G modem of the Galaxy S10 5G, compared with a traditional LTE network, can achieve download speeds that are 20 times higher.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G would roll out this week in South Korea

The CEO and president of Samsung’s IT and Mobile Communications Division, DJ Koh, said that we are at the beginning of a new era where we will have part of our reality the incredible connectivity and speed of 5G, bringing the world closer to the vision of connected living Samsung has.

In addition to that, he said that “we are proud of the work we’ve accomplished to bring our first 5G smartphone to market and look forward to bringing it to everyone around the world in the coming year.”

In Canada, the first 5G spectrum auction is currently underway so here there is no certainty that we will get any 5G smartphones launches yet, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. However, it does not mean it will not happen in the future. It might take a while, even a few years, before any Sub-6Ghz and mmWave spectrum will begin being rolling out by Canadian carriers. However, patience is a virtue and Canadians are not know for the lack of it.

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