Apple Arcade: Everything You Need to Know About This New Game Subscription Service

Apple is here to expand its appearance in the industry of video games with its own game subscription service, which is called Apple Arcade. It was designed to give access to various titles, that will be available on desktop or mobile. In comparison with Google’s Stadia, Apple Arcade will not be a cloud streaming service.

This service from Apple will be in the form of a monthly subscription, that offers the users unlimited access to various paid titles that appear in the App Store. Among their partners, there’s Disney, Cartoon Network, Sumo Digital, Sega and Konami. There will be more than 100 games on this service. Brand new games will be added all the time, as the company mentioned.

Your progress will be saved on multiple platforms

When it comes to Apple Arcade, there won’t be just iOS games. However, keep in mind that they work in devices like iPads and iPhones, too. You’ll also be able to play on Apple TV and MacOS. These versions, however, will not operate independently from one another. You will be able to save your progress between the different platforms. This means that you can move from playing something on your phone to playing the exact same thing on your laptop or TV. You can do this on Stadia, too.

The company has stated that users will be able to play the games offline, too. The future updates of the games and the DLC will also be included, without extra fees. Apple Arcade will have a separate tab on the App Store, and the games won’t be full of ads and microtransactions.

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