Saints Row 5: The Franchise Is Bound To Make a Comeback

All we have known so far about Saints Row 5 is speculation, rumors and a few hints from the Saints Row director, but we still have hope that there will be a sequel.

The Saints Row series from THQ Nordic might have started as a copy of the popular Rockstar franchise Grand Theft Auto, but it somehow has a unique take on the genre, and as the games progressed, it got either serious – in Saints Row 2, or crazier – in Saints Row 3. Nonetheless, the story has progressed from having a street gang turn into famous criminals, at the end the Boss of the Saints becoming the God Emperor of the Zin Empire. Now we can all admit that we miss this character in the video game industry.

Will we get to see a new Saints Row? Here’s what we know about Saints Row 5.

Saints Row 5 – “it would be good if it came back”

Let’s start with the first argument: Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell and its five endings. Two of those five endings left enough room for a follow-up on the story.

One of the best two endings that could lead to a plot for Saints Row 5 is the one where the Saints look for a new home for the human race after our planet was blown up in Saints Row 5. As for the many humans destroyed in the process, the Zin empire is known to travel in time, and the introduction of characters in Saints Row 5 shouldn’t be difficult.

The second ending was with Earth being recreated, and Saints Row 5 could see the Boss recreating the Saints in the new version of the Earth.

Another argument is only based on the rapid-fire interview on Game Informer with Scott Phillips who was the Saints Row director.

Phillips was asked, “You directed Saints Row the Third. Do you think that series needs more time before it comes back?” His answer was quite positive, giving the fans some hope:

“It’s been quite a few years…uh, I think it would be good if it came back.”

The franchise now belongs to THQ Nordic since they acquired Deep Silver, the Saints Row IV, and Agents of Mayhem publisher. The developers at Volition are probably even working on a comeback, but there’s no evidence of it. There was a rumor that they will announce a release date for a new Saints Row game.

Maybe THQ Nordic will make some room and publish the highly anticipated Saints Row 5.

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  1. I absolutely loved the SR franchise, especially SR and SR2, SRTT and SRIV not so much, they were fun, but crappy SR games. I seriously doubt that SR will ever have a new installment. It has been almost 6 years since the last one (no, I am not counting Gat Out Of Hell since that is a spin-off to me) and SR games hardly had 3 years between each other. The longest time without a SR game was from SR2 (2008) to SRTT (2011). 6 years or even more would just, most likely, not make the wait worth it. It’s gonna either turn into another Half Life, where everybody would be waiting for the next one, or it’d turn into another Duke Nukem, where we’ll wait over a decade and get a shitty excuse of a game. For me personally, I think that they should release SR “V” either in 2020 or 2021 or it is over with, it’ll then be too long.

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