How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Reception Issue

Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup came out in late-February, and while these latest flagships of the South Korean tech giant sport some excellent features, they also rolled out with some glitches. Even though these bugs are not widespread, some users already complained about a Samsung Galaxy S10 reception issue.

In this short tutorial, we’ll show you some quick troubleshooting methods on how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 reception issue.

Before proceeding, you should know that, in the majority of the cases, the reception issue is due to a third-party application, a firmware-related error, or incorrect network settings. Sometimes, however, signal errors on Samsung Galaxy S10 might be caused by faulty hardware components, but the possibility for that to happen is quite low, especially if your phone took no damage.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Reception Issue

Forced restart

Sometimes, a forced reboot can solve a lot of issues. This procedure allows the device’s memory to refresh and also permits the Android system to restart its processes. To perform that task, press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons for about 10 seconds. Once the Android logo appears, release the keys and allow the smartphone to reboot as usual.

Reinstall the SIM card

In particular, if you dropped your Galaxy S10 smartphone, the SIM card might have slightly moved from its ideal position, and the device might not receive a GSM signal.

Shut down your Galaxy S10. Then, remove the SIM card from its tray and insert it back in. Turn on your smartphone and check the signal. If this solution did not fix the Samsung Galaxy S10 reception issue, move on to the following methods.

Reset network settings

On many occasions, the Samsung Galaxy S10 reception issue is due to incorrect network settings. You can reset network settings to their defaults in no time. Here’s how to do that operation:

  • Navigate to Settings > General Management > Reset
  • Once there, tap on Reset Network Settings
  • If prompted, introduce your PIN code, password, pattern, or any other method that you chose to secure your device
  • Then, confirm the Reset Network Settings selection

Your device might ask you to reboot the system. In that case, do as instructed. Once your Samsung Galaxy S10 restarts, check if the reception issue persists. If so, move to the last solution presented below.

Factory reset

A factory reset, also known as master reset or hard reset, is always the last method to fix bugs and issues. Before proceeding, you might need to back up your data since a factory reset will delete everything from your device.

Here’s how to conduct a factory reset on Samsung Galaxy S10:

  • Turn off the smartphone
  • Press and hold the Bixby key and the Volume Up button simultaneously for a few seconds
  • Then, without releasing the before-mentioned buttons, also press and hold the Power key
  • When the Android logo appears, release all the buttons and allow the Android Recovery Menu to launch (use the Volume keys to navigate and the Power button to select)
  • Go to Wipe Cache / Factory Reset and select Factory Reset
  • Confirm the selection
  • Once the operation ends, “Reboot System Now” dialog box should pop up – choose to restart the device

When the device reboots, the Samsung Galaxy S10 reception issue should be gone. If not, contact Samsung or your carrier because the error might be due to faulty hardware components.

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