Next Clash Royale Update Comes In Two Weeks, Introducing New Game Modes And More

The wait for new content in Clash Royale is nearly over!

Supercell teams are doing their best to update and introduce new things in their most popular games. While Clash of Clans recently got a major update on April 2, Clash Royale only got some balance changes a day before that.

Clash Royale “UPDATE?”

However, the Clash Royale team hasn’t stopped working on new things. They actually have decided about what to add in the next update! Here’s their Reddit announcement about the incoming update:

So the number one question we’ve been getting this week is “UPDATE?”

With that in mind, the team at Clash Royale explained that the next update will roll out in Mid-April, and that they cannot reveal too many things right now, but it seems great things will come to the game this month:

What are some features that the update will bring?

  •     A new, streamlined progression system for Ladder (1v1)
  •     New game modes

More to be revealed at a later date…

The team also added that when the update drops, players will receive CRL 20 Win profile badges. And that’s not everything!

Next week will have a new challenge every 48 hours (from Tuesday onwards) and will be a great chance to earn rewards ahead of the update.

In a couple of comments, Drew also explained that the reworked Ladder system should “remove some of that ‘i need time away from ladder’ feeling that a lot of players have!”

Clan Wars 2.0 – We’ll Get It, But Not This Month

But the thing that really Drew (:D) our attention was the Clan Wars 2.0 info. When one user asked is the Clan Wars 2.0 will come with the next update, Drew responded:

Not this update, sorry! we have big plans for this and it didn’t make sense to do at the same time as a big 1v1 experience change.

While it’s sad we won’t get it this soon, it’s also great that the team wants to put more time into a new version of Clan Wars!

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