Gmail Gets New Features – Here’s How to Use Them

Gmail users are able to schedule when they want to send emails.  The service has celebrated its 15th anniversary, and they decided to do it by rolling out new features.

They added the “Smart Compose,” which is powered by artificial intelligence. It’s a predictive text feature, which is designed to make suggestions for words or phrases, in order to help you write the messages faster. It has already helped people in typing more than 1 billion characters every week.

However, this capacity has turned into something more, ever since they added more languages besides English. An insider from Google said that you’d get a pop-up in the app. While you’re writing the message, it will guide you in using the new feature.

Which are the new Gmail features?

You’ll schedule your sent emails

You’ll write the email as you usually do, but you won’t send it then, but you’ll schedule it to be sent at a specific time. It’s best if you want to send e-mails at some targeted times, especially if we’re talking about different time zones.

You’ll get suggested subject lines

The “Smart Compose” feature will suggest you subject lines – all based on what you’ve written in the email. If you like one of the suggestions, all you have to do is tap on the tab key.

You’ll get personalization on Smart Compose

This feature comes with greetings and phrases that you normally use. Let’s take a clear example: if you use “Hello, Angela” a lot, in time, when writing an e-mail, you’ll get the “Hello, Angela” greeting suggested.

You’ll get Smart Compose on mobile, too

This feature will also be available for the mobile app, too, which means that you’ll also get contextual suggestions for addresses, too. In order to accept the suggestions, you’ll have to swipe right.



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