Is the Apple iMac 27-Inch Device Worth It?

Apple’s iMac 2019 looks very familiar to us. We might know why: Apple could not find a way to offer the charging mat on the market, because of their biggest obsession: the thin design. However, the design of its larger devices, like MacBooks and iMacs did not change at all – not even once all these years, and some of us really want to see a change in Mac Pro.

However, we cannot ignore the fact that Apple has had a lot of success with this design. They came up with newer components for the system of iMac, without failing. But we doubt we’ll see this for iMac Pro. It might not be such a bad idea to add a few inches on the design.

The iMac system is still good; it’s one that runs fast if we are to take into account the components added to Mac OS. The price is still the same, so the 27-inch shape is still worth something.

We’re glad that…

The 27-inch and the 5K display is the most accurate monitor when it comes to colors. The overall performance is improved, given the fact that comes with the Core i9 model. The 2 USB connectors offer us more external displays and the file data transfer is faster than before.

We’re not happy about…

The overall design, with the thick bezels from the screen – they’re a bit outdated. The SC card is still not supported. And the tilt-only screen does not come with adjustment options.

Our conclusion…

We still cannot figure it out how Apple could continue to just add a new component into that iMac device, without damaging the overall user experience. We want a new design, or, more than that, we need a new design.

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