Netflix Really Killed the AirPlay Support. Here’s the Reason Why

Netflix gave us no warning and no explanation when they decided to remove the easiest way to stream its shows from one Apple device to another. Yes, you read that good. Netflix got rid of AirPlay.

Netflix confirmed that they got rid of the wireless casting feature, because of “technical limitation.” But we’re not referring to what we all believe that to be.

This is the explanation

Apple has teamed up with major TV brands in order to allow AirPlay 2 to send shows right to their 2019 TV sets by making the most out of a firmware update. However, Netflix stated that AirPlay 2 does not have any digital identifiers in order to let Netflix make the difference between those TVs, which means that the company cannot make sure that the users will get the best Netflix experience when they cast the new sets.

They said that they could not distinguish which device was which, and that they could not certify them, so they simply had to cut off the support for it. This also means that Apple TV users will also not be able to cast Netflix.

What was said in the official statement from Netflix?

In the official statement, they said that they care about their users and that they want the Netflix experience to be the best one they could get. And with the AirPlay support coming for third-party devices, there’s no way they can recognize the devices – they cannot see clearly which is an Apple TV device, and which is not. They also stated that members will still be able to access Netflix from the built-in app on Apple TV and other gadgets.

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