Apple’s 3D Touch to Appear in Google’s Android Q: Everything You Need to Know About Deep Press

We’ve seen how iPhone 6s came with the 3D Touch, which let users press harder on the display when they wanted to change the way they interacted with an app or an option from the menu.

It was Apple’s idea first

Apple first came up with Force Touch, the technology that powers 3D Touch back in 2014. Five years later, Apple wants to change the way things are. However, Google might want to add something similar to their update of the operating system.

Recently, Till Kottmann talked about Android Q beta, making a reference about an unannounced feature, that’s called “deep press”. The description from the company says that the current event stream shows the user intentionally pressing harder on the screen.

That’s all we have for now, but it seems that Google wants to experiment with a feature that will let Android Q users to press harder on the screen to change the way they use the operating system. That’s a bit too similar to 3D Touch.

Will the phone makers have to change the hardware?

The real question here is if Deep Press will need the phone manufacturers to change the hardware, too. This is what Apple had to do with their 3D Touch. All the old iPhones did not support this kind of technology, but Google can make the most out of it by incorporating it in Android Q, without having the phone manufacturers to adapt with the new displays.

We need to keep in mind the number of Android manufacturers around the world, and the range of specs and also the prices. We cannot see how Google will restrict these features when it comes to the hardware.

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