Samsung Galaxy S10: The Fingerprint Sensor Got Fooled by a 3D Print

A user of Samsung Galaxy S10 recently said that he was able to bypass the fingerprint sensor of the phone. He did it by using a 3D print of his own fingerprint.

He posted on Imgur, and he used a nickname – “darkshark”. He said that he could fool the fingerprint sensor by using one simple technique. He also said it took him 13 minutes.

How did he manage to do it?

He took a photo of his fingerprint, then transferred the picture to Adobe Photoshop. He then created the 3D print. He used it then to sign on to his phone physically.

This comes with many ethic questions. He also stated he’s concerned about this situation. He said that there was nothing stopping him from stealing people’s fingerprints without them even knowing. He said that he would be able to print gloves with the fingerprints, and then steal phones. This situation raises some important questions.

The users said that he took a photo of his fingerprints on the side of a wine glass. He then used Photoshop in order to increase the contrast of the photo. He created the 3D model after he exported the photo. He used 3ds Max, which helped him create a geometry displacement of it.

He also said that he printed it by using an AnyCubic Photon LCD resin printer. This printer is accurate down to 10 microns, which is enough to catch all the details of a fingerprint.

He then was able to press the 3D image into the phone. It’s true, it took him some attempts, but he was able to unlock the phone. The company did not comment on this matter yet.

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