Opera 60 Comes With Web 3 Support And Improved Built-In VPN And Features

Opera has recently announced the release of a new browser. Opera 60 is the first desktop browser which offers support for Web 3 — the new standard heralds how the web will look in the future. The new version has been developed under the codename of Reborn 3.

Opera envisions the Reborn series as an iteration of browsers which challenge the status-quo and offer bleeding edge features which can’t be found somewhere else. Opera 60 arrives with a new borderless design which was inspired by lightning photography. The new design aims to convert the browser into the ideal window through which you can access the internet.

The latest version of the browser integrates a Crypto Wallet. Users will be able to make block-chain transactions with the help of a tool which provides a high level of performance of the security. A built-in VPN service and robust ad blocker will increase the overall performance and security provided by the browser, which is great news in an era where digital life seems quite vulnerable.

Opera 60 brings improved VPN service and features, behind Web 3 support

The VPN service has been available for a while, but the company has decided to make it even more competitive. It is available for free, and it doesn’t require users to create an account if they wish to use it. Opera has stated that it will not log or save any data.

Many users are familiar with ad-blocking solutions offered by third-party entities, but Opera is the first browser which provides a built-in ad block feature. It is disabled by default, but the user can enable it by going to the Easy Setup panel and toggling the Block ads switch. If you wish to make an exception and allow ads on a particular page, you can do so by clicking on the ad blocker icon which can be found in the address bar.

The Crypto Wallet will be available across the desktop and Android version of Opera, allowing users to use their mobile device as a portable key. The latest Opera 60 version can be downloaded for free by accessing the official Opera website.

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