Jumbo Is An iOS Privacy Assistant That Keeps Your Data Safe On Social Media

Most social apps will provide privacy settings which allow users to customize their experience. However, many users have discovered that they shared more than what they wanted. Controversial content can range from an ancient joke which was shared on Tweeter, a Facebook post which was seen by the wrong person or other problems. Jumbo for iOS is a privacy assistant that keeps your data safe on social media.

Jumbo is a new app that aims to tackle privacy-related problems. Jumbo offers a robust selection of features which can help users to increase the level of their privacy and reduce the amount of data which can be found and exploited by third-party entities.

The developer of the app was inspired by the events which took place last year, with an accent placed on the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was envisioned as a digital lawyer who manages and protects the settings.

Jumbo privacy assistant is now available on iOS, but an Android version is in the works

Jumbo is available for iOS devices, and an Android version is in development. It can be used to manage privacy settings across four services: Facebook, Twitter, Alexa, and Google Search. Support will be added for Instagram and Tinder at some point in the future.

To understand how the app works we will explore a practical example. If you like to tweet a lot Jumbo’s Twitter cleaning service could be quite useful. After you connect your Twitter account the app will delete your tweets after a certain period will pass. The password is stored in the iOS keychain, and the app doesn’t read it directly, an extra layer of security which minimizes potential vulnerabilities.

Tapping on the start cleaning button will delete your tweets and move them to an archive which can be accessed within the app. Users have the option to export the tweets to their PC at any time.
Certain API restrictions will limit the process to the last 3,2000 tweets, and the app has to run in the background. Jumbo is free for now, but power users will receive the option to purchase extra features.

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