Will Apple break up iTunes?

iTunes is that management software that everybody loves, by that everybody hates. Well, it might be finally coming to an end. Apple plans to separate the software into different parts for TV, Music and Poscasts – different apps for macOS, according to some reliable sources.

These new apps are apparently Marzipan apps, which are similar to the Apple News app on the Mac. They might share the design and the codebase with their iOS counterparts on the iPhone and iPad.

What’s the deal with these Marzipan apps?

The app for music would be the home for the Apple Music service, that will be away from the iTunes deal. The TV app will be the home for Apple TV Plus, and the podcasts app would be full of, well, podcasts. Books might be getting their own Marzipan app.

We might tend to believe that, because there’s already a Books Store, Apple would want to separate all of the parts from the iTunes store, but some of the individual apps are still slim. This might actually make sense from Apple.

Truth be told, iTunes is very old, and can you name 2 people that don’t hate it? By doing this, Apple would create some more modern designs for the apps, without the entire baggage that exists to the app.

It seems that Apple is looking forward to sharing the Marzipan apps as a part of their upcoming macOS strategy. So they really thought this through: they start with the clunkiest apps and they show the developers the benefits. iOS and macOS already has dedicated apps for all of these functions already.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this might not happen just yet. The app is going to stick around in the future, too.


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