Android Q Beta 2 Just Received A Significant Update

The next version of Android is currently in development, and it seems that the process isn’t going as smooth as Google wants. In most cases, beta software doesn’t receive patches since but Google made an exception for Android Q Beta 2.

A small patch is available, and the patch notes mention that a small number of bug fixes will improve the experience for developers and early adopters.

At first sight, it seems that the patch targeted two significant bugs. One of them forced apps to crash on startup due to an error which affected execute-only memory. Another bug affected permissions which can be managed through system settings. These permissions didn’t work as expected, but the problem has been fixed.

The new beta build is compatible with the entire range of Pixel devices and includes the April security patch. Users have the option to install it by using a factory image or OTA.

Android Q Beta 2 Features

Below you can find some of the features of Android Q:

  • A focus on privacy – Privacy has become an essential subject in recent years, and it seems that Google plans to improve the experience. Users will have to option to allow an app to access their location while it is used while in the past they could enable it to access the data at any time or block it altogether.
  • Bubbles – Bubbles will feel very familiar if you are a fan of Facebook Messenger. They are a new type of notification which appears as a small circle. Those who wish to use the new notification style will have to option to pair it with individual apps.
  • Share it – The current sharing sheet is a little slow, and some users are looking forward to a superior experience. Google plans to alleviate this issue by adding better ways to share content.

It is likely that there are lots of new features which weren’t announced. A stable version of Android Q will be released in August.

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