League of Legends Future Patches: 9.9 – 9.10 Changes in Jungle and More

League of Legends’ MSI is right around the corner, and we’re all waiting for patch 9.8 to be launched on the live servers. Although we are very far away from patches 9.9 and 9.10, considering patch 9.7 is now live, this doesn’t mean that the Riot team isn’t thinking ahead.

As we previously mentioned, the 9.8 patch will most likely go live before MSI, buffing 13 champions and nerfing Zed and Kayle. Until it goes live, buffs and nerfs can be changed or even reverted.

Now let’s check out what the next two patches will bring to the field of battle. In a forum post on League of Legends’ Dev Corner, we learned from Riot Scruffy that there will be some changes regarding champions, but also gameplay.

System and Champion Changes


“We’re testing changes around scuttle mechanics and possibly other tactics to see if we can create a less pressured level 2 fight-or-lose situation.”

The point for this change is so that junglers can participate in the game a lot more and to take more risks, but also to make early fights less frustrating.


The problem with inspiration is that it’s used too much, and casts other secondary rune tree options in the shadows. The team wants to either nerf it or buff other minor runes to make them more appealing.

Hunter’s potion

  • it will be reworked so that it can be used again, but the team is also thinking of removing the item if they cannot make it usable.


  • it will be tweaked so that it’s still good for tanks and bruisers – the team wants to “reduce the power of this rune on champs not building tanky.”

As for the changes brought to the champions, expect to see some tweaks on Blitzcrank, Tahm Kench, Zac, and Aatrox.


the champion will get some quality of life improvements like R’s passive will not be random, auto attacking is more rewarding and the shield is more consistent.

Tahm Kench

– TK will remain playable for most of us, but it won’t be such an “action stopper in very high elo and pro,” wrote Scruffy, adding that they will do so by slowing his movement speed as he devours an ally and “pull a bit of power out of coordinated saves.” However, he gets a buff for his Q slow and devour -> spit minions – to cost less.


We’re currently testing a mostly reverted version of the Ult with a few improvements to help it have more clear gameplay and understandable impact.”


– Scruffy explains that Aatrox’s ult will “revive only activate if he gets a takedown while his ult is active to remove his reliable ability to deny his own death,” adding that they will compensate this change by buffing the base stats. He will also get some “spicy additions.” The decision in nerfing Aatrox was that he is very difficult to counter at high level and pro play.

Scruffy concluded his post, explaining that these changes may or may not make it to the live servers, and that they’re waiting for ideas and feedback from players – head over to the forum board.

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