Android Q To Receive Material Theme Redesign and New Apex Packages

Just recently, Google had started to roll out (or to test) the Material Theme redesign for a series of their apps, and Android Q will feature that in its final version. Among the apps that were already updated, we can notice the Google Calculator, Photos Home, Calendar, Project Fi, Keep, Drive, and many more.

The most recent app to receive the update is the Google Play Store, according to various online publications that signaled this. What’s more, people noticed some update-related string in the app, and speculate that it has something to do with installing some APEX packages straight from the Store.

What Changes Does the Redesign Bring?

So what changes did those who installed the latest version of the Google Material Theme redesign for the Google Play Store? Perhaps the most significant one is the bottom bar, where you can find the tabs for the main sections: Home, Games, Movies & TV, Books. We noticed that now the icons are hollow, as well as monochrome.

When you select the tab, the icon changes to the assigned accent color. Moreover, now the Search bar comes with rounded corners, and there are no more nested tabs and icons on the homepage.

Future Full Android Q System Updates?

Besides all these changes made to the Google apps design, several publications noticed some strings included in the app. Supposedly, these belong to their project of initiating some full updates for the Android system, directly from the Google Play app.

However, there is also another theory, which suggests the strings belong to support the new APEX packages. These are already live in the Android Q OS, more precisely 6 of them. Furthermore, they will be compulsory to be used for OEMs. For this reason, many people tend to believe more the second hypothesis, instead of the first one. However, it remains to be seen what other plans Google has prepared for the future.

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