Brawl Stars: Crow, Darryl, Poco, Shelly, Piper Buffed in April Update [Patch Notes]

This past weekend we learned about the new Brawler named Rosa. The team behind Brawl Stars has added a lot more details about the April update which went live on 15 April. You can get the APK file on APK mirror (- get the version Brawl Stars 17.153)

While Rosa is not yet in the game, there are new maps, balance changes and some other tweaks and improvements already in the game!

ROSA – Rare Brawler

The Rare Brawler has the following skills, according to the Brawl Stars official patch notes:

  • Main attack – Hands of Stone: Flurry of punches
  • Super – Strong Stuff: Rosa creates a tough second skin of vines, preventing 80% of incoming damage for 6 seconds
  • Star Power – Plant Life: Rosa regains health while inside bushes

Skins for Nita and Penny will also be introduced soon: Bunny Penny and Shiba Nita.


  • CROW has finally been buffed: +7% Main Attack Damage and +7% Super Damage!
  • CARL got balanced: +25% Boomerang Speed, +20% Super Duration, but now his Super ability can be interrupted by suns, pushbacks and pulls.
  • DARRYL just got tankier: +5% Health.
  • POCO received an increase of +14% on his Super Healing.
  • SHELLY got buffed: both Main Attack Range and Main Attack projectile Speed increased by 5%.
  • PIPER’s Super Bomb Drops increased to +1, and Super Bomb Damage increased by 13%.
  • PAM got nerfed: -8% Main Attack Damage and -2% Health.
  • LEON’s Super Invisibility Time decreased by -13%.

Some map changes have been introduced to the April update as well (check out the full patch notes in the Brawl Stars blog post – link below). There are also UI changes:

  • we can now see the Brawl TV to watch pro gameplay live, and more.
  • there’s also a button for “Training cave” where you can play for free with new brawlers to test them – check it out in the brawler info screen.
  • there are also name changes for gems – the first one is free, and then each change will require more and more gems (60, 90, 120, 150). You might need to use the name change to remove the color codes used for the names because the support for this feature was removed and now “players have an option to pick a color from their profile screen.”
  • we will soon see the Golden Week event which will also introduce a New Menu background and music.
  • improvements to matchmaking, tutorial, connection, and other stuff in the game were also introduced in the update.

Check them all out, along with the character sounds & visuals changes and the bug fixes in the Brawl Stars blog post.

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