Clash Royale 2.7.1 April Update Available for Download: New Game Modes, Card, and More

We have recently talked about the April update in Clash Royale and what it brings to the game, but we didn’t know when the content would go live.

We spotted the April 15 update on APK Mirror, where players can grab the official APK file of the game if they want to sideload it – the file size is 87.16 MB.

Clash Royale April Patch Notes


The Clash Royale 1v1 Ladder gets a new rewards system that will help you progress through the Arenas and collect rewards more often. You will also be able to protect the trophies through a Trophy Gate – once you reach the bottom of the current Arena, you cannot drop below that Arena’s Trophy Gate, explained the Clash Royale team, adding an example:

Once you hit 4000 Trophies, you will not drop below Legendary Arena’s Trophy Gate of 4000, but you can drop through League rankings.

You will also get to activate Chest Speed Up Boosts that will last for 24 hours to unlock the Arena Chests more often.

Every Season, players will get new rewards. The Trophy Road progression will be reset from 4000+, explained the Clash Royale team:

This means that each Season you will be able to earn new rewards throughout! Because of this, we are removing the League Chest, allowing you to instead earn rewards as you progress through a Season.


A new card is added to the game. It will be a Rare Spell called “Earthquake.” Here are the full details about it:

  • 3 Elixir Cost
  • Deals Damage per second
  • Crown Towers receive full Damage
  • Buildings get 400% Damage from this spell
  • Troops get damaged and slowed, but flying units are invulnerable to its effects.

NEW GAME MODES – Not Available At The Moment

There will be three new game modes that will soon come to the game:

MEGA DECK: Players must create a Mega Deck using 18 Cards!

DRAGON HUNT: Players will have to hunt an Elixir Egg – the first that will destroy it, will have a Dragon spawn and fight on their side!

ELIXIR CAPTURE: Gather the Elixir from the Arena and defeat your opponent!


– added to the following cards: Rocket, Goblin Hut, Knight, Balloon, Zappies, Skeleton Army, Barbarian Hut, Skeleton Barrel, Magic Archer.


– will show players all the events that happen in-game.

More details about the Trophy Road and its rewards, as well as improvements, balance, changes, and fixes can be checked out on the blog post on Clash Royale’s website.

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