Clash Royale April Update: New Card, Game Modes and More [Video]

The April update in Clash Royale has just been announced, revealing a new card, new game modes and a lot more goodies. Here’s a summary of the announcement, which you can also view in the video from the Clash Royale YouTube channel below.

Clash Royale: New Card, New Game Modes and a New Ladder System

First of all, we will see a new ladder system in the Arena (Trophy Road) – each segment of 50 trophies you get new rewards. There will be legendary rewards for those that go up to 4000 trophies – at 3950 you get a legendary king’s chest.

Also, when players reach a new arena, they will get a Chest Speed Boost for 24 hours, which is stackable. Trophy gates is also a new feature that will help players not drop below that “floor” – if you’re above 4000, you will not drop under it, so think of it as a safety net.

Season trophies and rewards will increase for those over 4000. Each season, players will get all the rewards from the Trophy Road.

Elixir Capture

The new game mode is Elixir Capture, which will have two mechanics: elixir droplets on the towers that must be captured. Once in a while, one elixir neutral storage will appear.

Mega Deck

Build a deck with 18 cards! Figure out how to play this mode and plan wisely what to play. Seth recommended to have 4-5 spells, some cards that attack buildings, and you can also use the new button that will randomize your deck.

Dragon Hunt

Players will fight to control the egg in the middle of the arena – the player that destroys it first will control the dragon that is spawned from the egg. It will burn a tower of the enemy if your enemy cannot quickly respond to it.

NEW CARD: Earthquake Spell

It is a 3 cost rare card that can counter ground troops and buildings. Earthquake will damage and slow troops, but it will deal a great amount of damage to towers (400% more)  compared to the damage dealt to troops.

For more information on these game modes, the new card, as well as other new details, check out the entire April update in the video below:

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