Samsung Galaxy Fold Gets Ultra-Fast eUFS 3.0 Storage

Samsung Galaxy Fold is the world’s first folding smartphone and one of the first mass-market foldable phone. The plus of this phone is that Samsung has used its ultra-fast eUFS 3.0 storage on it.

eUFS 3.0 storage has a reading speed two times faster than the OnePlus 6T device. The 3.0 version with Universal Flash Storage was announced by Samsung earlier this year.

With 3.0 versions the bandwidth is double compared to the other previous version. This new version provides up to two lanes at 1450 MB/s and a maximum of 2.9 GB/s in comparison to the 1.2 GB/s at the previous version.

This version includes the temperature reporting mechanism of the storage controller. It is used for the automotive market because electronics can suffer adverse conditions. The UFS is used on a lot of electronics like Chromebooks, VR headsets, smartphone, tablets and so on. Unfortunately, at smartphones the upgrading with UFS is slow for now, most of them still use UFS 2.1, and other models use an even slower and older eMMC standard.

Ultra-Fast eUFS 3.0 Storage, Implemented on Samsung Galaxy Fold

However, some of us have hope that Samsung will implement this new technology to the Samsung Galaxy S10. Unfortunately, the S10 series were released on the market with the older UFS 2.1 storage. Until other smartphones models come equipped with the eUFS 3.0 version, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be the first device that has this upgrade in storage.

Maybe, in time Samsung will add the storage in other devices. Of course, it should be best if the company will run some test to the Samsung Galaxy Fold before they add the storage to the rest of the Galaxy lineup. In the meantime, this improved performance should make people spending more on the phone in exchange for a bit more comfort.

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