iPhone 11 Renders Confirm The Design Change That Leaked Earlier This Month

Unlike other manufacturers, Apple doesn’t strive to refresh the looks of its flagship smartphones each year. When a change is spotted heated debates will start, and several recent renders set the community on fire. The new iPhone 11 renders showcase a device with a massive triple camera setup on the rear, a feat that leaked online earlier this month.

A very respected source claims that the renders are accurate, adding that it is likely that the company will use an advanced coating technology to make the lens black in a bid to render them less visible. The exciting design choice may not please some users, but it is likely that the increased performance will be appreciated.

Select rumors suggest that the front of the iPhone 11 and 11 Max will sport a pair of 12MP sensors with five elements, which is a massive upgrade in comparison to the meager 7MP sensors found on the 2018 iPhones.

iPhone 11 models will feature triple camera setups

The most anticipated change comes in the form a triple camera setups on the pack of the new devices, with one of them being a 12MP sensor, one a telephoto sensor, and the last a super-wide-angle camera fitted with a premium CIS delivered by Sony.

However, some sources claim that the budget version will be limited to an inferior dual camera and it is not known which if the second one will be a telephoto or a wide-angle one.

When it comes to the black lens coating, it is believed that able will use it for the front camera and the super-wide-angle lens. Some users already mocked the supposed design choice and many analysts claim that the paint won’t hide the size of the cameras at close inspection.

It looks like Apple is putting functionality above style, a choice that could satisfy a large part of the fan base. It is likely that the new iPhone 11 models will be announced during an event held in September, a tradition which began in 2012 and had been going on ever since.

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