Nintendo Switch Mini – More Details Revealed On The Cheaper and Smaller Version of Nintendo Switch

We are not lying when we say that more versions of the Nintendo Switch console are on their way, including a cheaper and smaller unit, known as Nintendo Switch Mini. The devices have not been officially confirmed in details by Nintendo, but the rumors are enough to get us excited.

The Wall Street Journal released last year an article regarding future Nintendo Switch versions. This piece of the paper stated that two new Switch devices were being worked on by Nintendo, including a Nintendo Switch Mini version.

We can gather from that that in comparison with the original Switch, this one will likely be a more basic device and it will suit best a casual or younger gamer. The intention Nintendo has for this deice included for it to take the place of the handheld 3DS gaming system.

Nintendo Switch Mini Specs

According to Newsweek and the Nikkei report it covered, the size of the Nintendo Switch Mini, as the name says, will be reduced so the portability of it gets better.

Because Nintendo wanted to reduce the overall price of the Nintendo Switch Mini it will no have detachable or dock Joy-Cons. In addition to that, it is also mentioned that you will be able to connect this mini console to a TV. Moreover, it will have Wi-Fi support, considering the 3DS and original Switch have done so.

The internal specifications of the Switch Mini have not been released yet, so keep an eye on the updates if you want to know more about that.

Based on an image that was leaked on the 17th of April, it looks like this Nintendo Switch Mini console will come in a turquoise case. It originally came from a Chinese forum that does not exist anymore now. However, this might not be true.

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