The Best and Safest Email Services for Companies in 2019

As more and more people get a chance to use the internet the needs to use a reliable email service grows.

A great email service will allow you to stay ahead of your competitors by offering an engaging experience for potential customers. Emails have remained the most popular method of communication between customers and companies, but it is hard to pick one service over another when there are several possible choices.

Below you can find a list which includes the most popular service providers for business.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is one of the most email services in the world. The service packs a robust selection of features, including an email app, a dedicated calendar and the ability to send files easily. The base version is offered for free, and a premium version is also available.


Gmail is without a doubt a strong competitor on the market. Millions of people use the service, and it is fast, efficient and safe. Anyone can create a basic account, but you have the option to pay for a G-Suite subscription which offers several perks, like Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, additional email features, and dedicated tech support.

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a great email service for small companies. The basic plan includes a dedicated domain address, email exchange synch; email aliases, the ability to host several domains and the ability to use dedicated Android or iOS apps.

Yahoo Mail

It is likely that you heard about Yahoo Mail at least once, even if you prefer other services. This email service is beloved by many users due to its features, which allow you to watch slides, photos, and videos from your email. While the basic version is free companies are encouraged to opt for the business version. Even the most affordable tier includes excellent perks, among which we can count extra storage space, dedicated tech support, the ability to administer several accounts for your employees and much more.

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