Speculations About The New iPhone 11 and Its Changes

The much-awaited next generation of Apple smartphones, also known as the iPhone XI lineup, has inspired countless rumors and predictions.

The three new additions to Apple’s portfolio stirred up fans’ excitement, even more so upon hearing rumors about an LCD screen, a USB Type C charger, a triple camera arrangement, and an all-around dark mode brought by iOS 13.

Apple has made a habit of releasing new devices every year in September. Even though an official announcement hasn’t been done yet, we expect the company to stick to the tradition.

The prices of the new iPhone models are still unknown but, if we were to take into consideration the prices of last year’s lineup, we could roughly estimate a price of around 1000 EUR.

Rumors and Predictions

Summing up information heard through the grapevine, here are the most interesting ones we found:

  1. Reverse Wireless Charging

Some reports claim the new iPhones will have the ability to charge AirPods, Apple Watches and other Qi-compatible devices.

  1. Triple Camera System

A Chinese iPhone accessories manufacturer leaked an image of the molds used to make cases for the new iPhones. Observing the picture, three cameras arranged in a triangular form can be seen. This cancels earlier speculations that claimed the new models will feature vertically-aligned rear cameras.

  1. Dark Mode

Fans are looking forward to the new Dark Mode that will allegedly be an option included in iOS 13.

  1. Stronger Battery

The new iPhone generation will pack a 4,000 mAh battery, the most powerful one Apple ever included in an iPhone.

  1. 5G Modem Chip

Although earlier speculations said iPhones wouldn’t have this feature until 2020, new reports claim Apple will supply the iPhone 11 lineup with 5G modem chips. This would be quite a risky move from Apple, as its main competitors are not planning to release 5G smartphones until next year.

Final Thoughts

Even though speculations made online sound really exciting, they should be taken with a grain of salt. While these rumors never fail to hype us up, there are still a few months left until the launch of the next generation of iPhones. Without an official announcement, we can’t believe every single thing we hear.

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