All 2019 iPhones from Apple Will Look the Same

When Apple showed its iPhone XR to the world, they also offered a premium smartphone, that came with a lower price. We are talking about a lot of compromises here, such as only one camera on its back. Rumors out there now talk about the next iPhone XR, probably 2 or simply R, and its three cameras on the back. But are these rumors legit?

Apple is trying to cut the costs down

Apple is really trying to keep the build costs down. This means that they will reuse the same design and the same components – some of them, at least – for all the iPhones this year. This leads to the fact that they will look the same, no matter the price, size or even specs.

What does “same” mean?

Let us take a clear example. iPhone XI R will come with the same wide-angle and telephoto lens as the other two iPhones that are expected this year. It’s a huge step from last year’s single camera, that’s for sure, especially if we’re talking about the Portrait Mode. The telephoto camera will come with only 2x optical zoom, though.

We did not solve the entire mystery

Apple will come with the same triangular formation that has been seen on the iPhone XI from the leaks. The LED flash is now placed where the third camera would have been. There’s also a fourth hole, and we don’t know what it’s supposed to do.

And that is not all. The iPhone XI R might also use the same 3D molded single sheet of glass that it’s been also seen on the iPhone XI. This means that they will look the same – exactly the same as its brothers, the only obvious difference being the size.

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