[Updated] League of Legends Patch 9.9 Goes Live on May 1st: Champions Changed, Runes Buffed and More

The 9.9 Patch notes are now live on the official League of Legends website – you can check them out HERE!

League of Legends gets a new patch on May 1st, and players will have to wait through nearly three hours of server maintenance. However, the maintenance will take place during the late night hours, as stated in the announcement of the NA server status:

“On 05/01/19, starting at, 01:30 Pacific Time (08:30 UTC), ranked queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 9.9. At 03:00 Pacific time (10:00 UTC), the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours.”

For other regions, the maintenance time will vary: EUW – 5:00 UK time, EUNE – 3:00 CET – users will have to check out the status on the official LoL website, by going to the support tab – and then service status tab.

The official patch notes are not yet available, but looking at the latest updates on the 9.9 PBE patch notes, we see that the patch will bring a lot of MSI content, Conqueror Alistar, and several balance changes to champions and items. Get ready to see seven new icons; four new Trial emotes, the 2019 Conqueror Ward, and some VFX updates for Ashe, Blitzcrank, Caitlyn and Jax, and an SFX update for Renekton.

Patch 9.9 – The Latest Official News

Now let’s see what we should expect from the balance update. First of all, David Capurro has updated some of the changes in PBE we saw this past weekend:

The Team Lead Designer at Riot Games, also known as RiotRepertoir, added that they’ve also thought of tweaking Zyra’s plants:

Also looking to see if we can do a little Zyra plant adjustment where the plant will no longer take damage from most basic attack effects that don’t proc on-hits (e.g. MF passive and Corki passive).

Aatrox, Tahm Kench, Teemo, Soraka, Kenen, Blitzcrank and Rakan – Changed

There are many balance changes, and while we cannot possibly write about them all, here’s a summary of it (the full list can be found in the link below).

Aatrox,Tahm Kench, and Teemo are getting changed a lot – from stats through all the spells –, and so does Soraka (only her Q and E got tweaked), Kennen (E, R), and Rakan (Stats, W, R).

However, taking a look at the 9.9 PBE Cycle content from Surrender at 20, we see Teemo’s changes being crossed out, so it could mean the changes will probably get pushed to 9.10 after more tweaks in PBE?

Blitzcrank is also getting changed – he gets a new passive from R: “Lightning charges Blitzcrank’s attacks, dealing an extra 100/150/200 (+20% AP) + 3% of his maximum Mana magic damage.”

NERFS AND BUFFS in Patch 9.9

As for NERFS, we should see: Akali (W), Hecarim (Q, E), Jarvan IV (Stats, W, E), Morgana (E), Rek’Sai (Stats, Q, E).

The BUFFED champions are: Darius (Q), Ekko (Stats, E), Lissandra (W), Maokai (Q), Shen (Stats, E), Sylas (W), Volibear (W).

The Item that got tweaked is Manamune, which saw an increase in AD – from 25 to 35 (also applied to Muramana).

Runes also got either changed (Celerity, Magical Footwear), or buffed (Cheap Shot, Ghost Poro, Ultimate Hunter, Relentless Hunter, Scorch, Bone Plating, Conditioning).

There’s also going to be a new login screen, of course, based on MSI 2019.

Check back here for more info on the next patches and keep an eye out for the official patch notes which should show up in the League Client!

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