New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Leaks Unveiled Some New Significant Changes

Exciting news we have this time regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 10. We are expecting that Galaxy Note 10 will be a significant upgrade over the Galaxy S10, but we haven’t thought that the company will make some changes on the design. Besides the next-generation technology on the Galaxy Note 10, the phone will be perfectly symmetrical. What do we know by now, we will share it with you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs. Samsung Galaxy S10

Some interesting tweets have revealed to us that Galaxy Note 10 will be symmetrical. Ice Universe, Samsung’s Insider says that the codename of the Galaxy Note 10 is Da Vinci, and he posted a second tweet with Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

So, the posts are obvious, the phone will have perfect proportions. By comparison, Samsung Galaxy S 10 has an asymmetric punch-hole design, so, if the company decides to change that, maybe Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come with a centered punch-hole or no punch-hole at all. We also know that the new device will have the New Infinity display, which means the screen will be bigger and will have a clear visual effect. What a difference!

More details on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 surfaced

Also, the insider reveals that the new phone will have a 4500 mAh battery just like the Galaxy S 10, it will come with 4G, and we don’t know yet, but maybe the 5G Galaxy Note 10 will have even a bigger battery. Also, fast charging will be a plus on the Galaxy Note 10. It will charge at 25 watts, in comparison to the 18 watts of the Galaxy S 10.

Finally, the concern of the battery is out; the interests right now is if it will be too big or not for our hands? But, until more information is revealed, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come alongside with the Pro models, and the Note series is receiving a valuable addition.

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