​Top 5 Best 2019 Antivirus for Cloud

We’ve come with a list of the best cloud-based antivirus because the increase of viruses and threats plainly explains that even though the IT administrators have incorporated underlying anti-virus software on company workplaces, the basic protection is insufficient.

There is, however, a fresh solution: cloud-based antivirus. The software is running sophisticated machine algorithms to identify and isolate threats and works over a number of platforms and devices offering total security.

Check out the index we put together on the best 5 cloud-based antivirus software:

  1. Malwarebytes

The software was released in 2006 and runs on all platforms, scanning and removing (in quantity modes) every hostile software that may be hiding within your system.

Malwarebytes also comes with an own terminus security result, having levels of various detection technology which offers a top tier of protection.

The software provides a free trial that offers immediate access to its endpoint defense, also providing total functionality up to 100 endpoints.

  1. ESET Endpoint Security

The Slovakian IT security company has been voted the most successful Slovak firm, years in a row, and their customers include Honda, Canon, and Greenpeace.

ESET provides security for businesses as well as for consumers. Its endpoint products use machine learning along with other tiers of protection, being able to identify malware pre-execution, during it and post-execution, providing incredibly high rates of protection.

ESET has also ransomware protection, which observes all apps based on their operations. The company renders a 30-day free trial for home users and also for businesses.

The antivirus software has gathered high lauds because of its easy configurations, operation process, and for being user-friendly.

  1. Sophos Endpoint Protection

A British ​security hardware and software firm, they have been creating and releasing antivirus software ever since the 1990s.

Sophos Endpoint Protection defends your devices from a console which can be connected on the cloud or on the organization’s servers. The antivirus computerizes their threat identification, examination and response operation, meaning that the occurrence times are lowered. Sophos is not set to detect the malware but to catch it before they incorporate onto your device.

Sophos Endpoint Protection is mostly used and targeted for organizations and businesses. It also provides a 30-day trial for free that comes with automated malware cleaning, cloud-based administrator and reporting gateway access.

  1. Webroot

Established in 1997 in Boulder Colorado, Webroot is available across numerous countries such as Japan, the U.K., Ireland, and Australia, offering internet security for businesses but also for consumers.

The software is operating on a multi-vector defense system, addressing threats on email, files, web browsers and so on. They also utilize a ‘Threat Intelligence Platform’, cloud-based, scoring above 95 percent of the website three times per day.

Webroot gives a 30-day free trial which comes with protection and scan, allowing users to control the products from a single console.

The after 30-day free trial prices start off at $150 per year and offers 5 endpoints, the minimum requirement. Each endpoint then costs $30.

  1. Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection has been awarded as the AV-Test ‘Best Protection’ software.

Also based in the U.S., the company is creating security software since 1990.

The software company utilizes a mix of intelligent threat examination and machine learning to manage threats across all platforms.

Users can implement network access policy control and data security on the endpoint through the built-in device management.

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