Clash Royale New Game Mode: Elixir Capture Is Live

Supercell’s popular game Clash Royale keeps getting new content since the announcement of the April update, which teased the new game modes and the new card. There is a new game mode in Clash Royale, and you should definitely check it out.

The first time when we saw it was in the Clash Royale TV episode, which focused mainly on Trophy Road, but also featured the other Game Modes – Dragon Hunt and Mega Deck and the new card – Earthquake. If you haven’t seen the video, check out this article for a summary on what you missed.

ELIXIR CAPTURE – How to play the new game mode?

First of all, you must have the game updated to the last version, which is 2.7.4 (released on 30 April). After making sure that the app is updated, it’s time to go to the EVENTS tab and try the new mode called ELIXIR CAPTURE.

What is the strategy for this new mode?

As the team at Clash Royale puts it, the main goal is to “Elixir from the Arena to defeat your opponent!”

The Clash Royale team announced on Twitter and their website that the new game is now live:

You will see that in the middle of the Arena there is an Elixir Storage. When you destroy it, you get 2 Elixir. The storage has 1 shield per player and the first one to destroy it will get the Elixir. Elixir Storages will spawn 30 seconds after they’re taken down.

Elixir will also spawn on the two bridges, and you can collect it using Troops.

Use all the extra Elixir to gain the upper hand and destroy your opponent.

For more in-depth gameplay or tips on what decks work best in this game mode, check out FullFrontage’s review on YouTube.

Check back here for more Clash Royale news and updates!

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