iOS 13 Leaks: Will It Come with Redesigned Apps?

We see right in front of our eyes for iOS 13 is starting to get a shape, a bigger one than iOS 12 actually got – or at least according to the rumors on the internet about the next iPhone and iPad OS. One of the biggest changes could be about the native keyboard. According to some sources, Apple is currently testing the swipe functionality, in order for you to type the words without actually lifting a finger. We know, it sounds very familiar to SwiftKey and many other keyboard extensions.

We have heard some details about the re-design of the pre-loaded apps, such as Reminders, Health, Find My Phone and even iMessage. We have also heard about a system-wide Dark Mode and a certain feature that could enable using an iPad as a second display for Macs.

The Apple WWDC 2019 will take place on the 3rd of June, on Monday, and we are expecting to see iOS 13 there. Also watchOS 6 and macOS 10.15. They will be here for the first time and we are very excited.

What are the rumors about the iOS 13?

We cannot ignore the fact that iOS 13 will supposedly come with a Dark Mode – it’s actually quite similar to what we have seen in macOS 10.14 Mojave. Dark Mode is also said to come with Sleep Mode, which is an extent to the Bedtime version of Apple. The entire idea is that they might add Apple Watch in the equation.

About Apple Health and iMessage

Apple Health is an app that makes a diary of your daily activity, it tracks your menstrual cycles and it screens your hearing health (it will monitor headphones and the loudness of the environment).

iMessage will allow you to add a custom profile picture and a nickname – it’s very similar to WhatsApp, actually.

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