PlayStation 5: When Is the Real Date and What Is the Price?

We have seen many rumors about Sony’s next-gen console, PlayStation 5. It has been on fire for weeks now, and an analyst took a shot at its release date and its real price.

Many leaks on the internet have already suggested that the PlayStation 5 could actually be the most powerful console on the market nowadays. This comes after a secret meeting with Sony took place, and someone revealed that it would come with certain specs that not even a PC could match.

However, Sony has confirmed that there will be no console released before 2020. They also said that they wouldn’t make an appearance at E3. You have probably heard of E3, the event where the brand-new tech is showed to the world.

So when is the release date?

A Japanese analyst, named Hideki Yasuda, came with some new pieces of information – he is best known for his predictions in the gaming market. He talked about the price and the release date of the new PlayStation 5. He says that the console will be released in November 2020, thing that actually confirms the leaks from AMD, that suggested the console would be released in a year.

So what is the real price?

According to Hideki Yasuda, it will come with the starting price of $499. He predicted that it would sell about 15 million units with this price by 2022. It’s similar to what happened to Xbox One X, which is currently the most powerful console out there. This means that fans will have to save some money is the PlayStation 5 specs are real, and not only rumored.

His claims kind of agree with the rumors out there, but we need to keep in mind that we still do not have an official statement from the company, so we need to be careful out there. These are all still predictions and rumors.

We will probably get more pieces of information in the following months. Hopefully we would also get an official statement from Sony.

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