Adobe XD Expands Workflows With The Launch Of New Game Design Features and Design Systems

As the experience design sector is continuously and rapidly expanding thanks to new developments, hopes for better tools and apps are growing fast. Accordingly, the request for improved UX keeps on increasing, so the pressure on designers and devs to come up with excellent outcomes is only meant to grow. Thankfully, Adobe XD launched new game design features and design systems to help the designers and expand workflows, as reported by Billionaire365.

With the May 2019 Adobe XD release, Adobe implemented some new features that would allow users to produce cloud documents with reusable color palettes and styles and to share them straightforwardly with their team. Regardless you’re representing a startup, a design agency, or a large company, you already know the significance of implementing a design system to provide solutions to satisfy the requirements for design at scale or to come up with a smooth end-user experience.

Besides the new additions implemented in this month’s Adobe XD installment, Adobe will soon roll out a new website which would center on exploring design system. Keep in touch with us for the latest details on that site once Adobe launches it.

What’s new in May 2019 Adobe XD release?

Now, designers and devs can make use of keyboard and gamepad devices when creating and constructing UX designs in Adobe XD. Besides, May 2019 Adobe XD is now permitting users to establish keyboard triggers that would allow them to simulate desktop-like experiences. Also, Xbox One and Playstation Dualshock controllers can now be connected to reproduce game console-like experiences.

Noteworthy, too, is that designers and devs can now implement keyboard shortcuts with Adobe XD so that they can create desktop apps and web-based application that would be more straightforwardly used by users.

Besides the before-mentioned additions, the new Adobe XD release also provides the following features and tools:

  • Prototypes and design sharing – Now, designers and devs can review incoming requests, review design specs, and give access, accordingly.
  • Plugins to boost XD power – May 2019 Adobe XD offers more than 150 plugins, among which we can find the newly-launched accelerator for new offerings. Besides, this month’s Adobe XD improved its plugin manager which permits users to search for summaries, descriptions, and new plugins much more straightforwardly.
  • Artboard Guides – You can now add guides to any artboards by simply drag & drop them.
  • Brand new Polygon tool – May 2019 Adobe XD brings an improved Polygon tool that would help designers to come up with dozens of shapes such as pentagons, triangles, and other polygons with up to 100 sides. By combining those shapes with auto-animation, the Polygon tools can switch between various forms.

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