Clash Royale Adjustment Update Balances Six Cards and New Changes

The Clash Royale team unveiled a video of specifics regarding the upcoming May update on Friday morning. The update is due to be released live on Monday. After the clip was uploaded, an official subReddit was posted to give fans some background on the changes.

Three Musketeers:

– Elixir goes from 10 to 9

– Deploy Time boosted to 3 seconds

– Added 0.15 seconds Deploy Time among Musketeers

Wall Breakers:

– Range rose by 100% – from 250 to 500

– Damages close to Troops when attacking

Clash Royale creator, Seth, explained how the card can be used to go forward:

“Wall Breakers gain quite a few new skill-testing tricks with this buff! You can use Miner to distract the tower and whatever is played to defend the Miner can be caught in the WB blast. It’s very fun to set up Traps for your opponent, adding a new dimension to a card that is very basic by design. Glad we could make all 7 Wall Breaker fans happy :)”

Goblin Barrel

– Deploy Time reduced from 1.2 seconds to 1.1 seconds


– Projectile Speed Increased by 33% – from 450 to 600

The arrows’ speed was increased so the attacks shot the ‘Very Fast’ Troops which it most usually would miss because of the slow speed of her weapons.

Dark Prince

– Range increased by 20% – from 1050 to 1250

– Area Damage radius increased by 25% – from 1000 to 1250

The rise of the Range and Area Damage should enhance the less loved of the Prince brothers battle skills when fighting against the Troops he has to battle.


– Hitpoints increased by 28% – from 147 to 188

The Bomber was left a bit vulnerable ever since the game has launched because Early Troop equipoise was too focused on Area Damage. This increase will allow the Bomber to live through just one more Tower hit or Musketeer explosion before dying.

The Clash Royale developer, Seth, also insinuated to the Snowball and Rascals being on the developing team’s schedule of upcoming adjustments because of their strength and currently general win-rate.‚Äč

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