Wukong and Diana Coming to 9.11 PBE – Riot Meddler & Riot Zhanos Context

New content reaches 9.11 PBE! Just a few hours ago, we wrote about testing some changes for various champions in League of Legends’ Public Beta environment.

Soon after that, Riot Meddler updated players in the Dev Corner Board about the Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE. Riot Zhanos also talked about Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE, offering some details.

Let’s check out some of the things the Rioters had to say about the two champions.

Wukong Gameplay Changes

First, you’ll see Wu in PBE for quite a while. The team is aware of the bugs in PBE in Wu’s abilities, but they shouldn’t affect testing.

All the changes we’ll see for Wukong in the future in PBE are tentative and the champion will need to be balanced throughout testing.

Wukong will see a gameplay change, not VO, model or full animation updates. However, some things will change – like art/audio that will be needed for the gameplay changes.

Why rework Wukong?

Among other goals mentioned in his post, Meddler said that the gameplay changes should make Wukong use more of the trickster elements, improve ability satisfaction but also “Wukong’s counterplay, both laning pattern, and reliance on bursting targets.”

Here’s how his abilities will look:

Passive – Strength of Stone (was Stone Skin)
  • Part 1 Crushing Blows – New

Whenever Wukong or one of his clones damages an enemy champion, they apply a stack of Crushing Blows to that target. Targets take 4% increased damage from Wukong and his clones for each stack of Crushing blows (max 5).

  • Part 2 Stone Skin – Redesigned

When 3+ enemy champions are visible within 1400 units, Wukong gains Armor and MR equal to 20 + 2 per level + 0.2*his bonus Armor/MR respectively. Bonuses last for 6s and renews if enemies remain near.

  • Q – Golden Magical Staff (was Crushing Blow)

Now has a passive where Wukong gets 125 range on his next AA after he casts any spell (not just Q).

  • W – Warrior Trickster (was Decoy)

Clone created now attacks nearby enemies dealing 50% of Wukong’s damage instead of exploding for magic damage at the end of its life.

  • E – Nimbus Strike

Other images of Wukong are now interactable clones that look just like Wukong and can be interacted with like any other unit. Clones can also block skillshots.

  • R – Cyclone

Other spells are no longer locked out while you’re using R. If you cast another spell, it will immediately cancel the ult in progress.

Diana Small Gameplay Change

In another Dev post, Riot Zhanos explained what will happen to Diana’s Q in the future, adding that they won’t go live with 9.11.

Why change Diana’s Q?

Diana should get more mobility in fights/skirmishes, Zhanos adding that her “spell weaving” paradigm will be reverted. She won’t be buffed or nerfed, but players will get a Diana that’s simply “better to play” than before.

Here’s what tweaks will be tested first:

  • Base Mana: 372 (+20) => 335 (+45)
  • Attack Speed: 0.625 => 0.725
  • Attack Speed per level: 2.25 => 2.30
Passive: Moonsilver Blade
  • Cleave Ap Ratio: 0.8>0.6
  • NEW: Grants 20% Movement Speed on proc
  • REMOVED: 30-90% Attack Speed after casting a spell
  • REMOVED: 15% of AP as mana on proc
Q – Crescent Strike
  • Still has all of the previous changes to it in testing.
  • QoL: Reveals FoW on missile tip
E -Moonfall
  • Cooldown: 26>18 => 20>12
R -Lunar Rush

Reset time: 0.5 => 1.0

As with all PBE testing, these changes are not final!

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