Zac, Wukong and Other Champions to Hit 9.11 League’s PBE For Major Changes

With the new League of Legends Patch (9.10) going to the live client, it’s time to take a first look at what the 9.11 Patch will bring in terms of balance changes.

Malphite and Teemo – back to testing

Champions like Malphite and Teemo have been tweaked in the past weeks in PBE, but nothing went to the live client, which means testing will carry on in 9.11. The Teemo rework ideas started about three months ago when Riot Jag presented a first look at the changes, asking for feedback.

Wukong – new W

In a recent announcement on Twitter from Riot Meddler, we learned that Wukong’s gameplay would be updated:

“Wukong update on PBE for feedback Tuesday (work in progress, won’t be live for a while though)”

We should learn more about his new abilities today through a PBE announcement. Here are some of the changes as mentioned by Meddler in his Dev post:

“The biggest mechanical change being tested is that his W clone now lasts a bit longer and auto attacks nearby enemies instead of exploding. Its attacks apply on hits and deal a proportion of Wukong’s AD as damage.”

Zac – reverting the old W and R

The CC tank is getting back some of its old OP ultimate, wrote Riot Maxw3ll in the Dev Corner. After Zac was reworked in 2017, he was left with too little damage. But this champion’s past glory will soon be revived as the team is reverting the reworked ultimate and W:

Zac’s Q remains the same:

  • Q – Stretching Strikes

COOLDOWN :: 13-9 seconds >>> 15-9 seconds

The W received the AP ratio back:

  • W – Unstable Matter

Now does 2% of a target’s max health per 100 ability power as magic damage

Ultimate got reverted to the one before he received the rework:

  • R – Let’s Bounce


NEW ULTIMATE :: Zac bounces 4 times gaining 20-50% movement speed over the duration, but is unable to use Q or E and can’t attack. The first bounce deals 140/210/280 (+40% AP) damage on a target, reduced by 50% for subsequent bounces on the same target. The first bounce on a given target knocks them back for 1 second, and all bounces on the same target slow by 20%

Zac should now be the AP bruiser that doesn’t just have a Tanky build, but does a lot of CC and now also some damage.

Expect to see Zac’s changes in 9.11 PBE for testing.

Meddler also shared some insight on other changes that could be added to Rageblade, Yuumi, and Aatrox – we covered it all HERE a few days ago.

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