[Updated] League of Legends Patch 9.10 Is Live – Yuumi, Balance Update and Aram Changes

Update: Yuumi is now in store, available to be purchased with either 975 Rp or 7800 BE!

The new patch is now live! Let’s check out what are the most important things you should know about this patch and why. The highlight of Patch 9.10 is Yuumi, the magical cat!

Yuumi Jumps Out of the Book

The support is here (sort of), and I can’t wait to play her! I said ‘sort of’ because she’s not in the shop at the moment and there is also no login screen with her. Other users have reported the same issue, thinking it was a bug.

This can only mean that she will be here in the next hours or so. Check out everything about Yuumi HERE.

Balance Changes

As you can see in the photo below, the following champions went through some balance changes. We’re seeing NERFS to Master Yi, Riven, and Vayne, and BUFFS to Brand, Caitlyn, Fiora, Graves, Shaco, Soraka, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao and Zyra. The Conqueror rune and Guinsoo’s got nerfed as well, while Essence Reaver and Hunter’s Talisman got buffed. Runic Echoes combine cost and total cost were lowered.

The full patch notes with details about each champion can be found HERE. Master Yi’s nerf is noteworthy – his Q got changed, and while the E was nerfed, his W doesn’t need a cast time, and his R gives him 10% more movement speed in all levels.

ARAM Balance Changes

ARAM will continue to change in the following patches, and we will see the following new tweaks in 9.10.

All of the tweaks from the official patch notes show they were changed from “after the first 15 minutes” to “after the first 18 minutes”:

  • Champions deal more damage to turrets after the first 18 minutes, and at 30 minutes it maxes at +25%.
  • Minion waves will spawn faster and have increased movement speed after the first 18 minutes of the game, and at 30 minutes it maxes at 13 seconds between waves.
  • The Death timer at lvl 18 is decreased to 40 seconds (from 45)

Champions NERFED in ARAM: Aatrox, Janna, Maokai, and Sona.

Champions BUFFED in ARAM: Azir, Kalista, Katarina, Mordekaiser, Taliyah, Tristana, Zac, and Zoe.

Runes in ARAM

  • Gathering Storm ⇒ Adaptive force every 6 minutes (instead of 7 minutes)
  • Demolish ⇒ 50 (+0.2 of your maximum health) bonus physical damage to structures at max stacks (instead of 100 + 0.35 maximum health).

Interested in what’s to come with the next patch? Check out this article where we broke down all the changes that will be added to champions like Zac, Wukong, and more. Malphite, Teemo and a few others should be tested once again in PBE these weeks.

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