Google Play Store to Suggest you Remove Unneeded Apps​

How annoying it is to always see your mobile phone’s storage space filling up!

The majority of Android users accumulate applications on their phone with time, and the memory stuffs up with apps one could swear one needed at the time. The most encountered problem people have with their devices is that its storage space keeps filling. But now, Google Play Store seems to know it too, and it is now offering a bailout with a brand new feature. The app store of the tech giant has started to tell users to discard these unnecessary apps from the mobile phone in order to free up the memory. Google Play Store does this by sending notifications from time to time. The feature is exciting and extremely helpful, and those who used it until now say it makes life easier as it is pretty uncomfortable and not easy to handle all your apps separately.

Some Android users have already received a notification from Google Play Store that tells them to ditch the unneeded applications, and ‘delete unusual apps for extra storage’. This feature is a recalling of the app manager that appeared back in 2016. All you have to do is tap on the message notification which gets you to a window of the Google Play Store which displays an index of all the apps you haven’t used in the last period of time. You can then delete them from your mobile phone with ease. It is that simple. Also, not only it is extremely easy to delete them, but for each application you select and remove, Google Play Store will also show you how much storage space you have created while you remove the apps.

This feature is not available for all Android users at the moment, but it will soon be.

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