Minecraft Is Launching an Augmented Reality Game Greater than Pokémon Go

Minecraft has some great plans for its fans, and this summer an augmented reality game will be launched. We will see the original architecture of the game in the real world. Microsoft has dropped this Friday an Official Reveal Trailer for Minecraft Earth. So if you enjoyed the Pokémon Go game, you would have the occasion to do the same, but this time on your alley you will see the Minecraft structures.

Minecraft Earth Trailer

The trailer shows a teenage girl moving in her new home with her dad. She starts to explore the new town on her skateboard, and from there, we will see the Minecraft structures wherever she goes. Minecraft Earth is free to play so you can enjoy it with other users or friends, and you can build creations all over your place, and place them in the real world. The productions will be a life-size, and that’s not all.

Besides the free to play game, the free creative mode the game is given to you; you will interact and battle with the “living” creatures from the game, known as Mobs.  The developers are promising that before you add the large scale builds, you can work on a smaller scale version all by yourself or with your friends.

However, the game will be available this summer on a closed beta phase, and after the game is steady and good to go, Minecraft Earth will be brought to the entire world. If you would like to join the beta phase of Minecraft Earth, you can enter here.  Torfi Olafsson, Minecraft Earth’s game director, says that for the game they are working with the design team in Stockholm for making sure that they will stay true to the core design pillars of Minecraft, and to carry the spirit of the game.

Minecraft Features

The purpose is to incorporate the natural geography of the surroundings of each player in the gameplay. The team has covered the entire planet in the game, such as every lake, park, and city. The map of the whole world was converted into Minecraft. Finally, a funny fact in the new game will be the possibility to steal blocks from each other. This can be done only if the person is physically next to you, in that way you can do some awkward movements and steal their virtual blocks.

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