Pokémon GO Tips and Tricks to Get Glaceon

The Detective Pikachu event in Pokémon GO has come to an end, but new reasons for being happy are coming. An exciting new update for the mobile game is bringing the possibility to add the Glaceon and Leafeon Eveelutions to your collection. Everybody in the Pokémon GO community has been anticipating the arrival of Glaceon, and now, you have the chance to get one.

How to Get Glaceon?

To get Glaceon, you have to purchase a Glacial Lure Module from the shop first. For buying the Glacial Lure Module, you have to pay 200 coins. So you can buy coins with real money, or you can put your Pokémon to defend gyms for building enough cash. If you don’t want to throw money on the game, go with the defending gyms plan, and you will get 50 coins per day. In four days, your payment will be raised, and you can purchase the Glacial Lunar Module.

After getting the Glacial Lunar Module, you need to find a free PokeStop. The purpose is to find that PokeStop that doesn’t have any Lore Modules attached to it so you can connect your own Glacial Lure Module. The way of attaching it is the same as you do with any Lure Module, and after that, your water and ice type of Pokémon should come to the area.

Moreover, you should stand at a spinning distance from the PokeStop, and select an Eevee. You must have at least 25 Eevee Candy for the job. If the two requirements are met, you have the chance to evolve Eevee into Glaceon now. If you want to have not only Glaceon but Leafeon too in your collection, you will proceed in the same way, only that you will need the Mossy Lure Module instead of the Glacial Lure Module, and 200 coins for purchase it.

Finally, you can have both Glaceon and Leafeon to Pokémon GO with 400 coins and some work. With the two additions to your collection, it remains that Niantic to introduce the Gen 6 Pokémon Sylveon. But we have to wait a little longer for that, unfortunately.

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