Microsoft Updates Are Freezing Windows 10 Computers – How To Fix It

A Windows issue was reported last month when the April Windows 10 Patch Tuesday Update was freezing some PCs during the process. Not only the update process was freeze, but also the PCs weren’t able to reboot after that. What is happening now? Well, again, the last OS update is preventing Windows 10 devices from restarting. The conflict comes when the latest update is coming with a lot of fixes of other security issues and or remote code execution vulnerability that was fixed too, but it’s preventing your computer from rebooting. So the importance of the update cannot be underestimated, but what can we do with the more significant issue now?

What’s the Problem?

The issue from last month was affecting only users that were running specific antivirus solutions, but now, everyone is in. The support update document released by Microsoft was spotted by Bleeping Computer. The system restores reboot problems appears when system protection is turned on in Windows 10, and when you have a system restore point created before you apply to the latest update. When you have that, the risk of having a frozen computer is on. Microsoft is saying on the document that the users that are under the circumstances from above will experience a Stop error (0xc000021a). After restarting your computer, the system can’t return to the Windows desktop. This scenario is funny and not at the same time. The Windows 10 update has the purpose of protecting your system of potential harm but is failing with your reboot system.

A Solution?

A solution can be applied for the frozen computer. When you restart your PC, enter the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). The WinRE appears automatically after your computer had failed to start Windows 10 twice. In the WinRE select – Troubleshoot-Advanced Options- More Recovery Options – Startup Settings – Restart Now.

Finally, you also need to select Disable Driver Signature Enforcement, and the F7 key to be employed as well. After that, your startup process will begin, and the system restore will resume, and complete is a task as intended from the first time.

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