Are The Division 2 First Raids Too Hard for Console Players?

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 raids have seemed to be causing some problems to consoles players. The idea of a raid is to be hard to beat, but the users that play The Division 2 on consoles, haven’t managed to do so yet. When the raid had gone live with the Operation Dark Hours, PC users have managed to beat the raid in a few hours. On the same time, the console users have complained that the raid expectations are beyond the gamepad capabilities.

Detail of the Raid

A user named Kotaku has given some great information about the raid and the difficulty of it. His comments regarding the raid aren’t just criticism or impressions; he is seriously saying that the raid is very hard, and even demanding the developers to try to beat it on the console. Even top Twitch streamers have been attempting to complete the raid, but killing the final boss is what makes it impossible.

What about the PC Players?

This raid from The Device 2 is turning the community on one another because PC players have managed to finish the raid in 30 minutes. Many PC users have said that complaining about a raid after a day means that the console users are soft gamers. The problem is between the PC and consoles game mechanics that need to be changed if they want to compensate for the difference between console and PC.

Also, if the game is taking too long to be finished on the console, that means something is wrong in the raid design and it isn’t working correctly. Another issue is the fact that the raid is beatable with eight players only, working together for better damage. At the same time, the skills they have don’t allow group dynamics. The shield isn’t right; the pistols aren’t good enough, because they produce low damage, so it’s impossible not to think that PC users have an advantage.

Finally, the end is the best, and if you have stayed with us, we can’t tell you the good news. The user Kotaku has announced that both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have at least two completions of The Division 2 raids.

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