Project Rune, FromSoftware’s New Game: Leak Reveals Three Playable Characters

What is FromSoftware planning for the future titles? Various sources including Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, have revealed that the writer has been consulting with “a video game out of Japan” in his blog post. While not revealing anything else, more leaks about FromSofware’s next project have appeared on the internet. Let’s check out everything we know about Project Rune.

What Is Project Rune?

At the end of March, according to Liam Robertson and SpawnWave’s video we learned that George R.R. Martin was working with FromSoftware on a new video game – which will be an open-world game. With the writer admitting this in his recent blog post, the first rumor turned out to be true.

The rumor only made people look for other details about the game.

FromSoftware’s future title will probably be called Great Rune (dubbed as Project Rune). It will have a Norse mythology setting, and players will travel through the open-world game and visit kingdoms – probably even conquering them as well. Expect to see Frost Giants, Draugrs and Nokkens.

A user on 4Chan dug deeper, saying that Project Rune that it is built on Unreal Engine 4. You’ll be able to choose one from three character classes: “a hunter with a longbow, a warrior with a great shield and a giant club, and a wizard who can cast sorceresses out of a magic book.”

Here’s an excerpt of the 4Chan post:

Miyisaki isn’t the primary developer, Yui Tanimura (Dark Souls 2 director and 3’s co director) is, though Miyisaki is staying on as a co-director.

Fromsoftwares newest game is a dark medieval fantasy arpg.

It looks like you will be able to play multiplayer, similar to what you can do in Bloodborne/Dark Souls – invade other players’ worlds and cooperate or kill the host.

Project Rune to Be Revealed at E3

The game is set in a “kingdom in a 100 year civil war,” and the main characters are part of a “fellowship of knights serving under the king.” You will start the game alone, with the rest of the knights missing after they were went looking for an artifact that would help them in the wars to come.

According to the anonymous source, the game is published by Bandai Namco, and will also be multi-platform.

We’ll take all the information above with a pinch of salt and will soon find out if it’s all made-up or not, as the anonymous source added that we would see a cinematic trailer of the game, but no gameplay reveal at E3!

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