Firefox 67 Update Brings a New Feature But Removes Another One

One of the most currently used and loved browsers all over the world is Firefox. The browser has millions of users who access it daily worldwide, and it is available for smartphones, also for computers and other devices. On May 18th, Firefox for Android has received a brand new update, Firefox 67, which brings forth a new feature but removes another one.

However, Firefox is still missing a few of the most significant features other browsers, and apps such as Google Chrome naturally provides. The company behind Firefox, Mozilla, is attempting to enhance the browser by adding features but each feature can appear one by one only. This makes the process of optimization a bit slow.

The most recent version of Firefox comes with a new Search Widget, just as Chrome offers its users. The feature can be pinned on the Home Screen to make it look appealing or to be utilized as a search bar shortcut.

Firefox 67 comes with a new feature – Search Widget

The Search Widget is a hugely required feature, and it shows that Mozilla is now continuing working and developing their browser. The app comes with the Search Widget, but it takes away the Guest Session option, which was added in one of the prior features updates.

The Guest Session feature enabled users to turn off the access to personal data such as details of their passwords, bookmarks, history, and so on. This feature was incredibly convenient when some user would borrow its smartphone to someone else. Now, because there is no Guest Session option anymore, Mozilla developers suggest users browse the app privately.

The new Firefox 67 update is setting down through an Over-the-Air (OTA) to all Firefox users, and if you would like to try the brand new features, you can sideload the APK version from an APK site.

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